Ginang Alaska – May “K” sa buhay

Alaska knows that a mother’s love and dedication to her family are unparalleled. Probably only a few things are greater than the hours she spends making sure her house will be a comfortable and safe haven to come home to after work or school, the loving hands that tie the shoe laces or stroke the cheeks, and the effort of preparing nutritious meals that will be served on the dining table.

This year, Alaska Milk continues to honor mothers all over the country through the search for Ginang Alaska. The search aims to recognize mothers for their personal achievements, their remarkable dedication to their families, and their numerous contributions to their communities.

To an outsider, Ginang Alaska may simply be a crown and title but for the women who have become a part of the contest, Ginang Alaska is also a door of opportunities that can empower them and help improve their lives. Ginang Alaska gives mothers personal fulfilment and a shot at second chances in life. There are some moms who were not able to finish their schooling but through Ginang Alaska’s scholarship program, they were able to finish vocational courses and for them, this is indeed a life-changing event.